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What is Cari AI?

Cari AI automates customer assistance using an AI powered bot, which allows 24 hour service, resource optimization, money saving and increase client loyalty.

Use Cari's live agent module or integrate Cari to your live chat provider, providing full attention to your customers.

Cari AI is the integral solution that allows you to attend multiple channels with a single development, with a simple hiring scheme, without deadlines, paying for what you use.

Main Features

Take advantage of the features that Cari AI offers and improve the relationship with your customers.

  • Omni-Channel

    Cari AI integrates with social media channels, SMS, Email, Web and Mobile Apps.

  • NLP and Progressive NLU support

    Allow your customers to interact with the bot using natural language so they can ask in the way they usually do when they talk to an agent.

  • Flow Editor

    Design your service flows through our graphic editor, which allows you to easily and intuitively configure them using text, images, videos, datatables, links, etc..

  • Authentication Mechanisms

    Verify your clients before performing secure transactions using SMS, Mail or Voice Biometrics.

  • Standardized Service

    Manage conversations of any channel in a standard way, using the same capabilities of the bot and the knowledge base.

  • Reports and Dashboards

    Get the detail of the operation of your service with Cari's reports and view the main indicators of your service and find out what is happeningwith with our dashboards.

Assisted service

Whenever your customer requires it or when the bot detects that it's not able to respond, a conversation transfer is made to the live agents, who will have an interface to manage their conversations in which the bot can assist them by suggesting the answers obtained from the knowledge database.

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If your company wants to automate internal or external attention processes using a Chatbot with artificial intelligence in a fast and safe way, Contact us!

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